Friday, November 6, 2009

Lucian's new room color

So I had the inspiration to paint all the wood molding in Lucians room green to match all the rainforest decor. It looks really good. The curtains my mom sewed a jungle ribbon to the top to give it just the right touch. The only thing that will change is the curtain hanging in the closet will be a new one to match the room soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A NEW BABY!!!!!!!

This little guy is a beautiful little boy that has blessed our lives. We have waited and struggled so long to have a baby and now we do. He is worth every struggle we have had. A miracle baby is what we call him!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Mexican Fiesta

A Mexican Fiesta!!! This was show at one of our hotel resaurants. The fiesta tells a story of how MX became MX and where it all began. It was a wonderful story, one of which I never knew!!!The beauty in their dresses and skill in the Dancing was captivating. Mexico does have a very unique and spectacular culture and history.

The Cathedral

The beautiful Cathedral in MX is located in the heart of downtown. It was rebuilt with soley donations. The perimiter is enclosed with large fences and gates but the doors are opened to public daily. If you ever have the chance to research the meaning of this Cathedral, I recommend it. The inside is crafted with 24K gold and hand carved statues on every turn. Very beautiful.

A Visit to the Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium and it's like Sea World. Very small and limited. MX is not a rich city by far so they do what they can. We saw an octopus moving faster than I have ever seen one move before. Also they put on a Sea Lion show. It was a pleasant specticle.

A man in a tank with two large sharks=CRAZY. This man hugged them, dragged them like they were puppets and danced in circles with them. To scary for me!!!! CHris gets a nice photo with his parents with the skeleton of a whale behind.

I get to view the process of a mommy turtle laying her eggs and how they make is or not to sea once hatched. Of course this turtle isn't real. It depicts the santuary that Mexico has for turtles to help the babies make it sea without being picked off by seagulls.

Bienvenidos Mexico!!!!!!

Shopping in MX was a blast. We went to a place called the market which is wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling of shops. When you shop you barter with everything. I got some great deals!!!! It was walkning through a mad house. All tey want is to make a sale and they pull you into their shops in hopes to make a sale. You learn to be strong and say "NO GRACIAS" And let me tell you Mexican candy isn't my favorite, even their chocolate is different.

The night life was always buzzing. Almost every restaurant is outside seating. While you are eating people walk onto the sidewalk performing music and danicing in hopes to get tipped. The dancing is great and music is powerful.

Senior Frog is a big Dance Club and Store. We pose with a few of their characters outside the store.


Horse back riding on the beach.(every girls fantasy) It was amazing. We got to go up and down the beach for about 40 minutes.

Our hotel had two swimming pools and one which went through the hotel. Literally. We walked through the hotel with a stream of the pool and you could even swim through if you wanted. Outside it contained a large rock waterfall which you could jump off or there was a built in slide to go down. It was a great refreshment to a hot day.

The ocean was always buzzing with activity. Hot sunny skies and warm salty water were a formula for getting wet in the water!!!! We did some boogy boarding and just suntanning in the sun. (Did I mention my great TAN!!!!!)

Fun Music

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